icedrive Cloud Storage Lifetime subscription $59

Here is the deal: icedrive offers a cloud storage with lifetime subscription for only $59. Icedrive is an excellent encryption cloud storage tool to access and share your files from anywhere, on any device. It has applications for Windows(Windows 7/8/8.1 & Windows 10), macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. So you can install icedrive on any device as you wish to access your cloud space.

Icedrive brings to you you all the freedom of cloud storage without compromising your security.

It’s the only cloud storage service that uses the hyper-secure Twofish encryption algorithm, so you can rest easy knowing your information is locked down like Azkaban.

Get Lifetime subscription

It is an easy software that you don’t need any knowledge to use. You just need to Drag-and-Drop your files into the web app to access them from anywhere if you are using a web browser to access the cloud storage, or you can go to software or application on devices to store your files to the cloud.

You do not need any skill to install the icedrive cloud storage software on Mac or Windows computer. You just need to download the software portable app, click on it, and it works right away. On Android, iOS smartphone you just need to go to Google play or Apple Store to install it to your smartphone.

Access your Icedrive on-the-go with the Android or iOS mobile apps.

For Smartphone – Click Here More details

For Desktop computer Download – Click Here More Details


  • Make files available offline for easy access wherever, whenever
  • Access your files on every device
  • Easily share files with family, friends and colleagues, even if they are not Icedrive users
  • Stream and preview your photos, documents, images and audio files straight from the cloud
  • Automatic backup of camera photos and videos
  • Dark mode available for those who work at night or just love the darker look!
  • Clean, easy to use interface for easy file management
  • The Strongest file encryption of any cloud storage service in the Icedrive Encrypted section, available with all premium plans

Backup your photos, documents and videos with Icedrive, the coolest cloud storage and backup service to hit the scene.

Purchase now

icedrive Cloud Storage Lifetime subscription $59
icedrive Cloud Storage Lifetime subscription $59
icedrive Cloud Storage Lifetime subscription $59

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