Slidebean Presentation Software Lifetime Access

This Presentation application can help you make a professional presentation with ease.

The innovative Slidebean Presentation Software is designed to help businesses and industries of all sorts with curating decks that help pitch ideas, show updates on sales, showcase the latest metrics on a campaign, and more with ease.

Using the power of AI, the intuitive software comes with 15+ Starter templates that plug and play all your essential information and create a top-notch presentation in a matter of minutes. The easy-to-use interface allows you to change the style of your deck by picking a preset — for pitch decks, marketing agencies, sales pitches, etc. — and add your company brand colors, logos, assets, and content. Add all your information with just a few clicks, and voilà — you’ve got yourself a brand-new presentation deck. 

Once you have accomplished your desired visual look and feel and your content is set, you will be able to send your deck to anyone from any device. You can even control your slides from your phone through a designated app and use it to control your presentation while pitching.


  • Customize the look you’re going for with a range of design templates, high-end color palettes, & a premium selection of fonts
  • Change & edit your finished product as much as you want
  • Collaborate online easily & share your presentations with any type of device instantly
  • Optimize presentations with templates for pitch decks, marketing agencies, & sales pitches
  • Embed presentations on your website with a simple HTML script provided automatically
  • Export to PDF or PPT formats in minutes
  • Control your presentation flow from your phone without an app

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