$29.99 The 2022 Ultimate Travel Bundle, Pack Your Bags And Start Planning Your Travels With This Mega Bundle

Summertime is just around the corner, and if you’re like many, the itch to travel is high on your list. The 2022 Ultimate Travel Bundle brings you seven courses to help you plan your great escape and even spark a new career — at just $4.28 per course.

Brought to you by experienced professionals at Alpha Academy, an online learning platform with some of the best e-learning courses available, this travel-centric bundle helps ease you into seeing more of the world. The in-depth lessons bring you various tools that will help open travel opportunities.

Have you ever considered becoming a travel agent? With two courses dedicated to tourism and travel consultant training, you’ll be well on your way to earning a certificate to add to your resume. Learn how to provide travel and tourism-related services, offer different travel packages, and get to know various destinations. It will not only help you start a business or hobby, but it also comes with many perks for traveling and unique ways of getting to know different cultures.

The bundle also exposes you to various language learning resources. With courses in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and more, you’ll take your conversational skills to the next level before you visit your destination, helping make your travel experience even more prosperous. Whether you’re a beginner or need to brush up on a language, you’ll get plenty of practice with these language-learning classes.

You can’t travel the world without documenting your stay. Also included in the bundle are two photography courses that guide you through the art of taking the perfect snapshot and creating memories that last. A smartphone photo-taking masterclass and a street photography course bring various tips and techniques that will help you capture the beauty of the places you visit.

While The 2022 Ultimate Travel Bundle is regularly priced at $2,079, you can enjoy all seven complete courses (covering everything from travel agent training to travel photography hacks) for only $29.99. Pack your bags, it’s time to see the world!

Prices subject to change. 

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