$39.99 The 2022 CPD Certified Coding Certification Bundle

The tech industry is in high demand; that’s no secret. If you’re looking to beef up your resume, make a career change, or expand on your coding foundation, The 2022 CPD Certified Coding Certification Bundle is an excellent start-off point to conquer the career of your dreams.

Taught by industry experts at the International Open Academy, a leading e-learning platform that’s a one-stop shop for professional development and goal fulfillment, this comprehensive 4-course bundle brings you everything you need to start your journey as a coder.

The courses begin by covering the basics and move on to more advanced concepts. Each course covers the foundational vocabulary and technical terms you need to learn to get started in coding and provides plenty of examples that help you understand as you go. With over 100 hours of expert-led content in HTML, CSS, CPU, WordPress, Flutter, Dart, and more, you’ll gain access to various skills that will help you build your own apps, websites, and even your own computer.

Whether your goal is to earn a certification or you’re aiming to build websites from scratch, each course will provide step-by-step guidance to help you learn at your own pace and seamlessly apply your learnings to real-world applications. Once you have completed each lesson and passed the respective exams, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate of completion — adding an excellent learning experience to your resume.

With all the content available 24/7 for 60 days of access, you’ll be free to reference a strategy or visit a concept whenever you want. Explore blog terminologies, create a mobile-first design approach, develop excellent programming habits, get in-depth knowledge of modern technology, and so much more.

While The 2022 CPD Certified Coding Certification Bundle is regularly priced at $346, the courses can be yours today at $39.99. That’s only $9.99 per course!

Prices subject to change.

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