$24.99 Code Direct Python Interactive Coding Lifetime Access

CodeDirect is the leading Python training platform that focuses exclusively on the practical aspect of learning programming. CodeDirect delivers the best hands-on experience for Python learners.

The provider offers you Code Direct Python Interactive Coding Lifetime Access for only $24.99 one-time purchase.

Code Direct Python Interactive Coding: Lifetime Access

Over 16 lessons and 100+ hands-on exercises. Unlock Access to Python Mastery for 16+ Lessons & 100+ Hands-On Exercises with Lifetime Updates

Are you looking to start a new career in the digital space or expand your web programming foundation? It may be time to dive into one of the most in-demand coding languages, Python, with this complete bundle.

A lifetime subscription to Code Direct Python Interactive Coding, now price-dropped to only $24.99, brings you everything you need to feel confident in creating your own apps, websites, and more and get to know the leading programming tools in the primary coding language. You’ll start by learning the basics required in training — an introduction to Python and what the language entails — and work your way into advanced techniques that will ultimately allow you to create your own applications from scratch.

Brought to you by Code Direct, a leading Python training platform that delivers a complete hands-on experience to Python learners, the bundle provides you with 16 courses and over 100 hands-on lessons with step-by-step guidance. Learn essential techniques for working with data types, numbers, strings, variables, and much more. With so much valuable information under your belt, you’ll soon be on your way to mastering up-to-date lessons covering HTML, JavaScript, and more, and put your knowledge to the test as you go. The bundle comes with the solutions to all the exercises found in each lesson, so you can go back and check your work after you’ve completed your tasks. Unlock 20 hours of in-depth content (available 24/7) and learn how to use Python correctly — and at your own pace!

While the Code Direct Python Interactive Coding: Lifetime Access bundle is sold for $79, you’ll learn the in-demand general-purpose Python language today at nearly 70% off and pay only $24.99. Develop new skills and start up a career as a programmer just in time for 2023.

Prices subject to change.

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